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Therma-Vert Otic

Therma-Vert Otic, represents the state of the art in drug delivery for infections of the external otic canal, including therapy resistant organisms such as pseudomonas. Therma-Vert Otic is a thermo-reversible gel that after refridgeration, is administered to the ear canal as a liquid and upon body contact transforms back into a gel that molds to the exact shape of any ear canal, putting your choice of therapy directly on the site of the infection. Therma-Vert Otic is a once a week application. Therma-Vert Otic also acts on the infection site by creating an anaerobic environment around the infected site further enhancing the therapeutic effect of your choice of therapy. Therma-Vert Otic is water based, not lanolin based and is easily reversible. Therma-Vert Otic is easily administered by either veterinarian or pet owner. Therma-Vert Otic is available exclusively at Best Pet Rx. Call us for more information! Therma-Vert Otic is a registered trademark of Best Pet Rx, patent pending 2011.