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Oncology and Sterile Medications

Call us to speak with a compounding specialist at 1-800-390-2779 or
email your oncology and sterile medication inquiries to:

Oncology medications for pets are amongst the most difficult medications to formulate and administer. Many of the oncology medications that are used for cancer treatment in pets must be compounded in special clean rooms, that require high levels of air filtration, precise measurement and special sterile handling procedures. Contamination of these products, can adversely impact the effectiveness of these highly complex medications as well as lead to complications during treatment.

Again, Best Pet Rx adheres to human standards in the formulation and delivery of oncology and sterile medications. Our facility is certified to the highest of human standards!

We have a wide array of options available to either the pet owner or animal hospital. Please contact us to speak with one of our oncology and sterile compounding specialists. Our products can be delivered either directly to your front door or to an animal hospital.