Best Pet Rx, LLC
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Phone: 1-800-390-BPRX (2779)
Fax: 1-212-348-3037

The Best Pet Rx operating model and our corporate mission was developed using the collective intellectual capacities of experienced pharmacists and practice management consultants, with extensive input obtained from numerous focus groups and surveys conducted with veterinarians. Their market research was coordinated with the assistance of our non-clinical practicing veterinary staff. It was that veterinary input which was vital to help us develop our services that were not being provided either at all or to a satisfactory level with current mail order pharmacy providers.

A critical part of our mission is to be a good corporate citizen. If you are with a local animal charity and have not been contacted by a Best Pet Rx representative, please contact us via e-mail at: to speak with us regarding how we can help.

We welcome price and service comparisons!

If you are a Veterinarian and would like to have a Best Pet Rx representative contact you regarding the Best Pet Rx Advantage or to speak with a pharmacist regarding our technical capabilities, please call us at:

1-800-390-2779 or email us at the above referenced address.