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Transdermal Medications

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Transdermal delivery of medications offers pet owners a tremendous convenience over medications delivered in pills or solutions. There are numerous medications that can be formulated so that they are absorbed directly into your pets bloodstream by simply rubbing a cream or gel onto your pet's ears or body. Transdermal delivery of your pet's medication eliminates the need to chase and hold your pet while forcing them to take a pill or solution. Transdermal delivery of your pet's medication allows for dosing while you and your pet are more relaxed, thereby reducing any trauma your pet may experience each time they take their medication. Transdermal delivery also allows for your pet to better comply with their treatment regiment.

Transdermal delivery of medications rarely causes any topical adverse reaction and delivers the same consistent dose that is delivered orally without any distress to the gastro-intestinal system of your pet, therefore there are fewer incidents of pills being spit out or thrown up by your pet.

Many pharmacies claim that they are compounding pharmacies, but unless they are certified PCCA pharmacies, they are not aware that different medications require different transdermal delivery vehicles. Use of the incorrect transdermal delivery vehicle can cause a medication not to be absorbed properly.

Not only are there a wide variety of medications that can be delivered transdermally, but there are several different types of transdermal delivery devices from a simple single dose syringe to our unique Dial-A-Dose delivery pen device.

Some of the most common medications available in transdermal forms are:

Amitriptyline Amlodipine
Atenolol Buspirone
Cisapride Dexamethasone
Famotidine Furosemide
Methimazole Nortriptyline
Prednisone Prednisolone
Phenoxybenzamine Ursodiol

Other medications are available in transdermal forms, please inquire with a Best Pet Rx compounding specialist. We provide fast service with a high quality product, delivered right to your front door.